Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Break Reflections

It is spring break, and I have just come out of a slumber induced by way too much research.
Still working on the same project, I decided that in order to create an architecture that is sensitive to the user and the environment, all the while being "generative" to those constraints of the project, it would need to be responsive. This responsive design can be used in describing the exterior skin as well as the interior space.
I have begun diagramming the spacial qualities of the program, as well as designing a responsive skin. The program is a work in progress, and I will post some images shortly.
I am truly excited about this project, I get to create a dynamic skin and an interior to match.
Pulled off, this will be the most intelligent of my designs to date, it is comprised of a lot of documentation and to the right audience should be a step in the right direction to defining a new language not only for myself but for those impacted by the design.

Design by concept alone is dead,
Without reason and a bit of nuts,
The design is dead before it hits paper.

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