Monday, February 22, 2010

Focus models

In the process of developing design solutions for the project, my professor has set up three phases for the project. the phase shown in the documentation below is titled:
The Artifact... Design logic and exploration. this logic was to be produced both in written form and in physical form, this was accomplished through a logic paragraph and sentance, generative diagrams and a diagrammatic(generative) artifact.
I am exploring a "design driven (top down) spacial form generation technique". Essentially what I have discussed previously, and labeled "sensitive design". This artifact is constrained in different axis and generates forms and spacial relationships based on the connections and relationships between the forms inside and outside. The artifact developed from an existing site *wood box* and the new program for the space. There is a theoretic form generation model that I used in the critique as well, and will add that photo after while.

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