Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Responsive constraint architecture

An update on progress,
I have had a couple good critiques the last week or so and have moved onto developing a building out of this thing I like to call Architecture. Still working with environmental constraints and the human element I have begun to develop the interior space, defined by the architecture as well as some pretty intense R&D (mainly research).
For the spaces I am using an open plan theory, with main space defined by patterns and visual barriers defined by the ceiling.... the obvious spacial differentiations will be there to define rooms, IE: floor level changes, large brick walls, interior vs exterior, but the main floor space will not be divided by constructed walls, in order to promote sustainability and flexibility in design.
As for The R&D, I have developed an exterior skin for the structure using silicone casts and a joinery system based on connection nodes and memory members.

The silicone is a simple representation of a hexagonal cell that defines a double layer skin. these will continue to evolve until I run out out of rubber and will feature translucent panels.
The structure is still under development for material properties and fixation technique but I will document the progress and post some conceptual sketches/models shortly.

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